Inspiring Female Entrepreneur Ceci Tucker | Hope and Healing

In this episode, Ceci discusses how her passion for helping the world water crisis went from hobby to a socially responsible business. She just finished up her YTT so we discuss what it means to “live yoga” and the best parts of being a yoga teacher (hint: it’s not teaching yoga). You’ll also hear her favorite meditation techniques and “woo-woo” practices that soothe her anxiety.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Ceci Tucker is the owner/designer of Little Pieces of Hope, and co-founder of a new wellness sanctuary, The Tumbleweed House. At a young age, Ceci was taught that creating and working with her hands was a way to soothe her worried soul as she was grieving the loss of her Father. When she wasn’t crafting, she was outdoors with her sister, picking flowers, climbing trees and soaking up all the Texas Hill Country had to offer. Nowadays, you can find Ceci practicing yoga, eating endless amounts of chocolate, and playing with just about every dog she sees.

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