Consumer Wellness, Toxic Happiness, and Social Media Strategy with Brettina Davis

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brettina Davis a few weeks ago while I was still in CR. I was eager to post her episode on Namaste Podcast because she was so open and vulnerable about her life experiences.

Brettina touches on her hostile living environment growing up and how much therapy has guided her healing.

As a Social Media Strategist, she is highly aware of industry trends, depending on her client’s niche.

One of her personal favorite niches is yoga/wellness/WOC accounts. But she warns wellness-focused-viewers not to get caught up in the “Consumer Wellness” Market.

Question: What do we REALLY need to “Be Well”?

She is speaking mostly to the black and WOC communities, although I think EVERYONE can benefit from hearing her insights.

Hint: Stop the toxic positivity!

I get chills when I listen to these podcast episodes now. After a year of interviewing empowered women, I have gradually picked up on a few things.

That’s not to say there aren’t things I can still work on.

I’m still not even 70% satisfied with the sound but that’s OK.

I’m feeling bolder in my outreach and clearer in my message.

As the layers release shit’s getting more and more real.

Brettina Davis on Namaste Podcast
Brettina Davis on Namaste Podcast

If it’s your first time listening to Namaste Podcast, you’ll want to start at the LATEST Episode. That way, you’ll be caught up on my current Manifestations, realizations, “Ah HA!” moments, and bomb ass special guests, like Brettina Davis, who is willing to lay it down REAL for you guys.

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