Rising Woman, Healing Your Relationships, and Women’s Groups with Sheleana Aiyana

Sheleana Aiyana Rising Woman on Namaste Podcast

Sheleana Aiyana is a spiritual Counsellor, Author, and Founder of Rising Woman with a growing community of over 2.4 million readers. Her training in imago couples therapy, conscious relationship, somatic healing, and personal path of healing with plant medicines informs her holistic approach to seeing relationship as a spiritual path. Over 30,000 women in 146 countries have taken her flagship program Becoming the One and her book will be published in 2022.

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Consumer Wellness, Toxic Happiness, and Social Media Strategy with Brettina Davis

Brettina Davis on Namaste Podcast

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brettina Davis a few weeks ago while I was still in CR. I was eager to post her episode on Namaste Podcast because she was so open and vulnerable about her life experiences.

Brettina touches on her hostile living environment growing up and how much therapy has guided her healing.

As a Social Media Strategist, she is highly aware of industry trends, depending on her client’s niche.

One of her personal favorite niches is yoga/wellness/WOC accounts. But she warns wellness-focused-viewers not to get caught up in the “Consumer Wellness” Market.

Question: What do we REALLY need to “Be Well”?

She is speaking mostly to the black and WOC communities, although I think EVERYONE can benefit from hearing her insights.

Hint: Stop the toxic positivity!

I get chills when I listen to these podcast episodes now. After a year of interviewing empowered women, I have gradually picked up on a few things.

That’s not to say there aren’t things I can still work on.

I’m still not even 70% satisfied with the sound but that’s OK.

I’m feeling bolder in my outreach and clearer in my message.

As the layers release shit’s getting more and more real.

Brettina Davis on Namaste Podcast
Brettina Davis on Namaste Podcast

If it’s your first time listening to Namaste Podcast, you’ll want to start at the LATEST Episode. That way, you’ll be caught up on my current Manifestations, realizations, “Ah HA!” moments, and bomb ass special guests, like Brettina Davis, who is willing to lay it down REAL for you guys.

Create your own happiness with Lauren Zoeller

lauren zoeller life management coach namaste podcast

Lauren Zoeller, a CTA certified Life Management Coach, Wellness Expert and E-RYT 200 has achieved overwhelming success in helping people achieve their mind, body and spirit goals.

Whether she is working one on one with clients, facilitating one of her workshops, speaking to a group, or teaching yoga, Lauren has the ability to open hearts and minds to enable her clients to become the best version of themselves.

Lauren helps her clients, embody unwavering confidence, gain clarity on their heart’s purpose, access full abundance in every area of one’s life, and receive a greater sense of health on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level.

In addition to her coaching, Lauren teaches private, corporate and studio yoga and is the co-owner of Phoenix Yoga, a 200-hour teacher training program. She has been teaching dance and yoga for 13 years and incorporates clean living and fitness in all of her programs.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Lauren randomly got started with yoga and then Life Coaching
  • Common misconceptions people have about Life Coaching
  • Her favorite book ever and what she’s currently reading
  • What everyone needs to stop saying to single people
  • Her 10 year dreams and aspirations

Looking forward to your thoughts and ‘aha’ moments from this episode!

Free Form Locs: My Natural Hair Journey

Namaste with Katie J

When I was a little girl my mom and grandma would braid my hair every few days. As the only black girl in my elementary school class, I longed for the free-flowing Polly Pocket hair I saw on my friends.

Namaste Katie J Namaste Podcast
Circa 1995

It felt awful to have my kinky, curly hair forced into braids. With naturally course hair, tangles were constant and brushing was painful.

“Beauty is pain” my mother and grandmother repeated. That was the norm. Change yourself to be perceived as beautiful. That’s what I was taught.

We started relaxing my hair in the 5th grade. When it was finally “strong enough” to withstand the chemicals of a relaxer. I loved that it was straighter but felt like I looked more like my mom and not so much how my friends wore their hair. I wanted bangs, I wanted free flowing flippy hair. But once my hair was set, it didn’t move. We’d have to use a tremendous amount of hairspray to prevent it from curling right in the Texas humidity.

Namaste Podcast Free From Hair Journey Episode
Circa 2006

Finally, in my sophomore year in High School I took the plunge and cut my hair into an afro. I stopped relaxing it and allowed my natural curls to take over.

People loved it! Everyone wanted to touch it and know how I got my hair to make these tight spirals. “It’s natural” I’d proudly reply 🙂

Namaste Katie J Namaste Podcast Free Form Loc Journey

I felt so freaking fly. The photo above is from my trip to Sevilla, Spain in the summer of 2009. This was my first study abroad trip and I felt SO cool and SO grown-up with my afro and (fake) red frame glasses. Check out that adorable vintage romper y’all!

In college, I continued to rebel against relaxing my hair and as such, I was the ONLY black cheerleader that was allowed to wear my hair naturally. It took about 3-4 hours to wash, blow dry, straighten, and then style my hair for a football game and ain’t NOBODY got time for that. So my coach let it slide, just for me.

Namaste Podcast Namaste Katie J
Circa 2011

As a young adult out of college, I still wasn’t 100% comfortable with my natural hair and often did minor relaxers to make it more “manageable”. In the professional world, I felt a slight sense of pressure to look like everyone else…plus…I really just wanted the long flowy curls I saw on IG but didn’t want to admit it. I don’t even think I told people I still relaxed my hair at this point.

Free Form Loc Journey Namaste Katie J
Circa 2015

But it seems obvious now.

2018 was a transformative year for me. I learned how to do a scalp cleanse (explained in the podcast episode) and at the end of the year, I decided to stop painfully scraping out the tangles and knots in my hair.

It’s also worth sharing that I haven’t had my hair cut since 2010. All of the changed in length you see are dependent on how “relaxed” the curls were from the chemicals I used to straighten out the kink.

Namaste Katie J Namaste Podcast @NamasteKatieJ
Feb. 2019

The other day (March 16th) I took a snorkeling tour and afterward my hair shrunk about half its size (see below). That’s why I decided to record this podcast. It’s been a long time coming and the journey will continue far past this episode.

My #freeformlocjourney is an exploration of my own self-worth. Can I still see myself as beautiful when I don’t succumb to society’s expectations? Can I continue to love myself with a head full of knots? Am I my hair? Am I my skin? Or am I the soul that lives within?

Stay tuned to see the mind my hair takes on over the next months, years, and decades. Who knows where it will go!

Inspiring Female Entrepreneur Ceci Tucker | Hope and Healing

Ceci Tucker Namaste Podcast

In this episode, Ceci discusses how her passion for helping the world water crisis went from hobby to a socially responsible business. She just finished up her YTT so we discuss what it means to “live yoga” and the best parts of being a yoga teacher (hint: it’s not teaching yoga). You’ll also hear her favorite meditation techniques and “woo-woo” practices that soothe her anxiety.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Ceci Tucker is the owner/designer of Little Pieces of Hope, and co-founder of a new wellness sanctuary, The Tumbleweed House. At a young age, Ceci was taught that creating and working with her hands was a way to soothe her worried soul as she was grieving the loss of her Father. When she wasn’t crafting, she was outdoors with her sister, picking flowers, climbing trees and soaking up all the Texas Hill Country had to offer. Nowadays, you can find Ceci practicing yoga, eating endless amounts of chocolate, and playing with just about every dog she sees.

Side HUstle with Soul: Dielle Charon

Dielle Charon Side Hustle with Soul Namaste Podcast

Dielle Charon is a business coach for service-based entrepreneurs, coaches, and side hustlers.

She teaches side hustlers to sign clients consistently through content creation and collaborations. She enjoys practicing yoga, helping other entrepreneurs grow a successful business, and leaning into gratitude and manifestation to guide her on her journey.

“Your thoughts will 100% control your results.”


Dielle truly believes when you have a successful business, it can transform your entire life.

In this episode, we discuss how she manifests business opportunities, how her yoga practice serves as a business development tool, how she prices her coaching programs + more!

You can learn more about her through her Instagram: @sizebizcoach or on her website: diellecharon.com.

Steps to spiritual growth avoid spiritual bypass

Namaste Podcast Katie J

I asked my Instagram followers what topics they wanted me to discuss on the podcast and one question I got was:

Question: How do I deal with toxic (platonic) relationships in the workplace without spiritual bypass?

If you’re taking steps to spiritual growth and you experience a situation, person, or manifestation that’s less than ideal, it might be easy to simply ignore negative triggers. People on the spiritual path often feel like they can’t experience negative emotions. This is simply not true.

We call that Spiritual Bypass, and it can directly hinder your spiritual growth journey.

In this episode I discuss:

  • What is Spiritual Bypass
  • Why it’s important to avoid spiritual bypass when you’re on a self-growth journey/ hoping to manifest your best life.
  • How to know if you’re Bypassing
  • A step-by-step process for resolving toxic relationships
  • How negative/toxic situations can be used to enhance or guide your manifestation journey.

What is Spiritual Bypass

Spiritual Bypass Using your spirituality to navigate AROUND the regular developmental functions of life instead of resolving them.

According to Wikipedia: “tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks”. The term was introduced in the early 1980s by John Welwood, a Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist.

In relation to the Chakra system, Spiritual bypass means you’re developed and in alignment from the heart chakra upward, but your security, safety, sexuality, power, boundaries, emotions, vitality, stability, and individuality are under-developed or misaligned.

Why is it important in Personal Growth/Development/ Manifesting?

Anything that disturbs your peace is an opportunity for self-growth. If we don’t address these situations when they come up, we miss out on an opportunity to learn a lesson and grow.

How do you know if you or someone you love is experiencing spiritual bypass:

The goal is to be a healthy person in all areas, financially, spiritually, relationally, emotionally, physically, etc. It’s great if you’re comfortable speaking your mind but if your mind is not aligned with the good of all involved because it’s still stuck in the drama of your past, then you might be experiencing spiritual bypass.

Maybe you meditate and go to yoga but you don’t have a healthy relationship with money or cash flow.

Maybe you go on spiritual retreats or silent retreats but when you come home you’re still lashing out at your kids, partner, or co-workers.

Maybe you go to church on Sundays but live destructively every other day of the week. Whether that’s binge drinking, unhealthy eating habits, or poor relationship choices.

Basically, you’re on the spiritual path but you’re not on the path to healing in other areas of your life

In this Episode

I discuss action-steps that will help you to resolve these issues so they stop showing up in your life again and again.

I’ll share with you some real-life examples from my less-than-ideal workplace situations and how I used these negative circumstances to evolve and manifest the life of my dreams.

How do I deal with toxic platonic relationships in the workplace without spiritual bypass?

Listen to Find Out more!

  • What is Spiritual Bypass
  • Why it’s important to avoid spiritual bypass when you’re on a self-growth journey/ hoping to manifest your best life.
  • How to know if you’re Bypassing
  • A step-by-step process for resolving toxic relationships
  • How negative/toxic situations can be used to enhance or guide your manifestation journey.

Find Your Healing with Kris Jones

Kris Jones Namaste Podcast

While Kris was healing herself from childhood and young-adulthood trauma, she came face to face with an immense amount of unexplainable pain. After seeing numerous healthcare professionals she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Through her own healing journey she discovered yoga therapy and the power of moon circles with other awakened wombyn.

Kris Jones is now an Energy Healer, Yoga Therapist in training and Life Guide living in Austin, Texas.

In this episode, you’ll hear more about Kris’ own healing journey, and how she empowers her clients to take ownership of their healing process.

The Moon Circles Kris leads every month are unique experiences designed to initiate transformation through connection with Mama Moon and her inherently feminine cycles.

To learn more about Kris and her Monthly Moon Circles follow her on Instagram @FindYourHealing

Kris Jones @FindYourHealing

WTF Is Namaste Podcast?

Namaste Katie J
photo from Unsplash.com Namaste Podcast Blog photo
Photo from Unsplash.com

Namaste – I bow to the Divinity inherent in you. The soul within me recognizes, acknowledges, respects, and appreciates the soul within you; we are one- we are both drops within the same ocean.

Namaste Podcast is a place for spiritually aligned humans to get their dose of soul support. If you have decided to embark on the journey of self-actualization and personal development then you are in the right place.

Namaste Podcast is hosted and produced by me, Katie J. This is not my first podcast. In February 2018 I started Wander Well Podcast in hopes of empowering more women to live their truth.

Over the course of the year I learned a thing or two about podcasting and myself. Specifically, I learned that I was holding onto a lot of doubt, fear, shame, and guilt that prevented me from really showing up in life, and because of that, Wander Well Podcast didn’t reach its full potential.

Thankfully, I invested in the mentorship and training I needed to show up as my most Authentic Self. This past year has been rocky, with many fears surfacing and showing their ugly faces. But I have overcome them.

I was so inspired and empowered by the personal development work I was doing that I knew I wanted to incorporate it into my own work.

After much prayer, meditation, and asking for help from friends and family, I was able to come up with an entirely new name and new groove to my podcast.

Also, Wander Well is already trademarked and I was receiving signs from The Universe that it was time to move on from the name.

Someone on my Instagram account suggested Namaste with Katie J. I instantly loved it.

This is it! Namaste encompases EVERYTHING I hope to accomplish in life: to be in alignment with The Universal flow of oneness that connects us all!

In the fall, I’ll begin classes at Five Branches University where I’ll study Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 4 years I’ll earn a Masters and a Doctorate and be able to treat patients with a wide variety of imbalances through integrative medicine.

As a yoga instructor, meditation guide, mentor, spiritual coach, and life-long learner, I am SO PUMPED to combine Eastern traditions with Western science, old concepts of souls and Divinity with newer ideas of Manifesting and the Law of Attraction.

I don’t like to use the term ‘New Age’ because I feel it’s inaccurate but if you’re into topics such as the ones listed below, then the Namaste Podcast is your podcast:

  • Spirituality
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Manifesting
  • Law of Attraction
  • Personal Development
  • Soul-Centered Living
  • Empowerment
  • Journaling
  • Self-Reflection
  • Spiritual Psychology
  • Conscious Living
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Natural and Integrative Medicine
  • + So Much MORE!